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  • I just had to let you know, that your inspiration and encouragement has caused me to make changes in my CBD wax and dabs. Thank you Kim!
  • Thank you free £10 no deposit casino! You’ve given my back a whole new lease on life! I am sooo excited! I can’t wait to show the world what it’s like to live pain free!
  • Thank you Dory, for your care & compassion. Your excellence in education makes it easy for even the likes of me!
  • You probably don’t remember me, but you were my Personal Trainer in Kelowna roughly 8 years ago. You were a great source of motivation and encouragement at the time and I ended up completing two Half Marathons as a result! I moved to Kamloops in 2007 and continued with my love of fitness and after the birth of my first child two years ago, I have decided to pursue a career in Fitness. I have completed my Fitness Theory Course through BCPRA and am waiting to get my results so I can register and take the courses to become a CPT. I am also training for my first Fitness Competition!! I want to thank you so very much for making such a huge impact on my life at the time, it made such a difference!!!!
  • Hi, Kim,Just wanted to give you an update. Since I started with your class last October & then continued with Curves & my walking, I am now blood pressure medication-free! Just got back from the doc�??s & have been monitoring my BP as she has slowly weaned me off of it. I have been off of it for a month now�?�..so thank you again for helping me go in the right direction with my health.
  • I’ve discovered there is a difference in fitness facilities. If I join a local gym, I don’t feel they are about me reaching my fitness or health goals. They make money by me having good intentions, but losing interest. So, they lose money if I reach my goals because I don’t need their services to assist me. So, Phoenix �??Nest�?� is a safe environment for a person to reach and exceed their health and fitness goals. The personnel go above and beyond to assist wherever possible. It is also about learning how to take care of my body, so that I can continue to make and achieve goals.
  • I first attended your classes a year ago and cannot believe what a positive impact they have had on my life. You have provided me with a perfect mix of strength, agility and cardio training – all within a cheerful and entertaining environment that makes exercise enjoyable. The team at Phoenix Fitness has challenged me to take an active interest in my health and I am sure that I will reap the benefits for years to come.
  • I have been attending for 6 months.Each one hour class is a time to unwind, relax and allow the mind to find a passion for life.
    I leave feeling physically strengthened and emotionally strong. It is the insight, patience and wisdom of our leaders in kinesiology that make Phoenix the Nest.

    Come, Participate and Enjoy !!!

Phoenix Health & Fitness

1177 Sutherland Ave
Kelowna, British Columbia

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Phoenix Health & Fitness was created by an enthusiastic TEAM of individuals, spearheaded by Kim Froom, who believe in supporting and inspiring individuals to Rise Up to their personal best…. ��More