Jinelle Gelinas, MKin, BSc. (HKin.)

Jinelle is a graduate from the UBC Okanagan Human Kinetics program. Since majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology, she has chosen to complete her Masters with a focus on exercise and chronic disease. This interest has led her to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP with plans underway to acquire her Certified Exercise Physiologist designation. Jinelle's implementation of innovative programming at the University lead to her become the recipient of UBC-O's emerging leader of the year award. Although experienced with all levels of clients, her primary interest lies with chronic disease and the use of exercise as medicine.

Jinelle's background as a competitive dancer provided her with a fundamental understanding of the human body. She participates in local sport events in the Okanagan and enjoys outdoor activities such as Nordic skiing, snowboarding, climbing, cycling and running.

Our Team

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