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Cardiac Rehabiliation

Whether you have recently suffered a heart attack or have been dealing with on going high blood pressure or high cholesterol, we have the TEAM to build a safe, effective, exercise program for you. Taking control of your health is an important step to effectively managing your heart disease. We work with your physician and specialist to ensure your program is tailored specifically for you. Our goal is to support you in your journey as you optimize your health. Rise up, Be Healthy!

Health Services

  • Active Living with Chronic Disease
    Active Living with Chronic Disease. This program is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge for individuals living with chronic disease. The program will help you experience the life-changing benefits of exercise and healthy eating … More
  • Injury Rehabiliation
    Whether you have suffered a recent accident, or are dealing with a long term injury, our TEAM of professionals have the skills to assist you in your recovery. Working with a variety of practitioners through out the Okanagan Valley, we are … More
  • Preventative Health
    Preventative Health is simply that; preventing disease. Often, we spend our lives working hard for our future, only to succumb to disease when we get there! Without properly engaging in our health, our ‘golden years’ escape us. Preventative … More
  • Diabetes Exercise and Education
    Considered one of fastest growing medical concerns, Type II Diabetes is an area where our TEAM of professionals can assist you. Safe and effective exercise for Diabetics as well as education in the continuing care of the disease, are just a few … More
  • Lifestyle Coaching
    Struggling with keeping your health as a priority in your life? You know it’s important, you just need a little help to lift it to the top of your priority ladder. Well, that’s where we come in! Whether it be work, family, or areas you can’t … More
  • Tailor Made First Aid
    Everyone needs First Aid and CPR! Whether you require it for your work or are merely interested in having the skills to save someone’s life personally, we offer you the Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses you need. First Aid, the ability to … More

Phoenix Health & Fitness

1177 Sutherland Ave
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Phoenix Health & Fitness was created by an enthusiastic TEAM of individuals, spearheaded by Kim Froom, who believe in supporting and inspiring individuals to Rise Up to their personal best….   More