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Why do we do it?

Ever wondered why long distance runners do what they do? Thought about trying to do long distance events yourself, or perhaps started down that path only to find you end up feeling like you are outside of your element?
The Globe and Mail has a great series of articles in it’s Health and Fitness section. They are focusing on some of the longer distance events like the marathon and Gran Fondo, long distance biking.
The list of ailments as a result of these longer distance events is endless: nausea, dizziness, dehydration, cardiac arrest, torn achilles tendons, shin splints, stress fractures, groin strains, plantar fascitis, pulled hamstrings, it goes on relentlessly~!
Yet, according to the June 27th article, Marathon races have proliferated to the degree that they now clog the calendar. More than half a million people finished a U.S. marathon last year, an 8.6% increase.
Argument can be made that marathon runners are goal-oriented, Type-A personalities, but not all people entering these events can fit that profile. The Walk-Run program has opened the event up to a wide spectrum. There are more opportunities now than ever before.
Injury, remains a possibility for any runner. In fact, Chris Woollam, the medical director of the Mississauga Marathon, recommends people only run one marathon in their life time. Just so they can get it out of their system!
If you are interested, or you have a dream of running a marathon or completing a long distance event, drop us a line. We would be happy to assist you in accomplishing your dreams!
Rise Up, Be Healthy!


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