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Sitting ~ Dangerous to your Health!

May 16th in the Globe and Mail, Neil Reynolds composed an article which outlined how all of us could benefit from the “Winston Churchill Workout”. Seems old Winston, although incessantly smoking cigars and drinking fine brandy, never sat still. Whether he was working on his grounds (his beloved manor in Kent) or dictating in the study in a cloud of cigar smoke, (Churchill was awarded the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature) Churchill was constantly in motion. Dr. James Levine, has been researching out of the Mayo Clinic in Rocheser, Minn. investigating the simple question: Why do some people, who consume the same calories as other people and who exercise the same, gain more weight than those people? Using highly sensitive motion sensors to track subjects moment-by-moment movements, the answer was revealed: The people who didn’t put on weight moved more than the people who did. Dr. Levine noted that the difference wasn’t a result of exercise, it was a result of movement in their day to day activities: walking more, took the stairs more, and most significantly, standing more. Dr. Levine suggests that the corporate environment has more risks than merely sitting all day and suggests there is a malaise that “saps the soul of the nation”. This “terminal inertia” not our food is the cause of human fatness. Removing chairs and desks in the private sector and replacing them with ‘treadmill desks’ minus the cloud of smoke of course, means all of us in the corporate world could become very “Churchillian”.


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