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Chronic Pain

On March 4th a local paper carried an article from Liberal MLA Norm Letnick entitled; “Government programs tackling problem of chronic disease”  He cited information from the World Health Organization stating that 80% of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes are preventable.  Letnick indicated that 80% of MSP, Pharmacare and acute care budgets are consumed by 34% of the population and stated that government has made the incidences of and severity of chronic disease a priority, both to improve the quality of life for British Columbians and to maintaining a sustainable public health care system.  Days later on March 16th, another article appeared in the same local paper.  This time written by a core belief counsellor entitled, “Tracing the roots of Chronic Pain”.  The article stated that Chronic Pain is the number one reason why people go to see their doctor and yet over 80% of patients continue to suffer.  The belief counsellor went on to state that new research indicates we are starting to alter our perception of pain.  Currently our medical model is to block the pain signals through medications.  The counsellor forsees that Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change, will change our understanding of the relationship between brain function and pain.

Whatever research you follow, you can’t ignore the fact that a large section of our population suffers from Chronic Pain and is willing to try almost anything to alleviate that pain.

Our clients have told us that, exercise and changing their diet, have been the only things that have allowed them to cope with their pain.

Their stories move us!

Find out how we can help you deal with your chronic pain!


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