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  • Eat to Live
    January 16th, 2011, the local news featured a front page picture of  doctor, Dr. Andrew Farquhar, considered a global authority on Diabetes.  The article was entitled Eat to Live.  The discussion was around diet and exercise.  ...
  • Running Your First 5K
    So, you've made the decision:  You are going to run your first 5k! 

    Congratulations! Now the questions start.  How do I start?  (Don't I just run?  - NO!)  What equipment do I need?  ...
  • Building Strong Bones
    Octobers' Consumer Report revealed that there are new perspectives on why older people are at risk for broken bones - and how to reduce those risks - are overturning traditional wisdom about hos to prevent and treat bone loss. Often thought of ...
  • Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine!
    Came across an article entitled; "The power of laughter is a luxury mankind needs to foster."  The words "power of laughter" caught my attention.  In our physical word we are ...

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